Six Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Have you been feeling a little run down lately? Well, it's not just you. The cold and flu season is here, so if your immune system needs a boost this holiday season, consider the following tips from Dr. Stuart Rachels: 1. Watch what you eat and drink, especially later in the day
In short, don't grab an afternoon coffee, don't eat at least two hours before bed (I break this all the time!) and avoid alcohol. 2. Reduce your stress
Best ways to relieve stress are through movement and meditation. 3. Turn OFF your devices
I know it's hard, but the blue light from our screens and devices disrupts our wake-sleep cycle, so turn them off! 4. Stick to the same bedtime
(enough said, but difficult to follow if you're trying to have fun once in awhile!) 5. Produce a sleep sanctuary
Your bedroom is only for sleep and sex.
And the most important tip" 6. Lower or raise the temperature to ~65° (at least according to a Harvard study )
This temp naturally coincides with the release of melatonin, an aid to sleep. BONUS: If you want to save money during the winter given rising gas / energy prices, Blast Heat is for you!

Sweet dreams!

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