What Happened to America's Relief Grants?

In 2020, known forever as the "Year of COVID," the American federal government printed over $7 trillion in brand new currency to spend its way through a pandemic. This led to thousands of different grant programs. From grants to help struggling businesses to social justice grants given specifically to people of color (POC), America was spending money hand over fist and promising to make up for the fact that it forced 80% of businesses closed and shut down the economy. It was considered a trade-off: The federal government, which in theory is elected by the people to represent the people, claimed that in exchange for shutting down businesses and schools to "slow the spread" of COVID, they would pick up the economic slack to protect Americans. However, current politicians call themselves "leaders" and no longer seem interested in representing the people. So, after an initial round of spending on the American people, all the grants have just disappeared entirely.

Where did the grants go? It's not as if the government has stopped spending. In a little over a year as President, Joe Biden has spent a lot more than Donald Trump's first three years combined pre-COVID. The government is spending a lot of money, but they're no longer interested in funding grants for the suffering men and women of the country.

The Agenda is Clear

What's worse in the absence of grants for Americans is that the money being spent now is entirely mislabeled. For instance, the federal government very recently passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill for infrastructure. Lo and behold, the definition of "infrastructure" has suddenly changed, just like the definitions of words like "vaccine" and "racism." Today, infrastructure doesn't mean roads and bridges and sewer systems and power lines. Instead, it means purchasing equity in communities that are considered historically disadvantaged.

Government Priorities

It's not some tinfoil hat conspiracy for anyone to suggest that America's federal government has things on its mind other than the citizenry that supposedly elected it into power. Of the 81 million votes supposedly cast for President Joe Biden, there's a healthy mix of people who wanted different things; things that were promised by Biden himself. More stimulus money for struggling Americans is something Joe Biden promised but was just ignored. Nobody even speaks about it anymore; no news stories, no protests; nothing. Cancelling or at least helping with student loan debt was another thing Biden promised from his platform while running, and yet another thing that hasn't been spoken about since, other than Biden himself literally laughing at the question during one of his first appearances as President and flatly telling people that he would not be helping with student loan debt in any fashion whatsoever.

Tens of millions of Americans were struggling with closed businesses, being behind on their mortgage and other bills, etc, and they expected that a Joe Biden presidency would actually equate to $10,000 stimulus checks; something promised to Americans by Vice President Harris. What's the news on that? According to the government, it never had any plans to do such things for Americans. Instead, the government is still trying to pass a bill that will give $400,000 to each illegal immigrant who was detained by the Trump administration, and only the Trump administration. The millions who were detained under 8 years of President Obama have been scrubbed clean from the record and do not count.

So, to the outside observer, it appears as if this current administration's goal in totality is to make former President Trump look bad, and this also includes a great possibility of a war with Russia, a nuclear superpower. You're not going to hear the federal government speak about grants to help struggling Americans, but you can't go a single day without hearing the government talk about the suffering of Ukrainians and illegal immigrants. This leaves a lot of people upset, and it's why Joe Biden's approval rating is barely tipping 30% and dropping further every day. Not that such a thing matters, of course; 2024 will likely result in 91 million votes. That's how America seems to work these days.

The gist is that the American government has entirely abandoned its COVID grants, but has not at all abandoned its spending. Whether it's over a trillion dollars for an infrastructure bill that's not going to infrastructure, or lump-sum payments to illegal immigrants, the American citizen is seemingly an unimportant obstacle to its government.

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