Mainstream Media Urges More Americans to Get On Welfare

There comes a time in everyone's life when a person needs to admit that something they've claimed to be truthful is actually a lie. For America's federal government, they have reached the point where telling all Americans that the economy is in good shape is no longer a tangible strategy. They're outright admitting now that the economy is not in good shape, and they're blaming that on Donald Trump, Republicans, and Putin's war in Ukraine. So, at the very least, they're now backtracking on over a year of lying to Americans and telling them that they're really fine, despite not being able to afford to live. The message now that the economy is failing is so widespread that even the mainstream corporate media feels as if it's okay to tell the American people that the economy is in shambles. For instance, there are a few articles this week published by CNN, MSN and other mainstream outlets that are urging Americans to go on welfare to afford rent and food.

The most egregious of these articles is one published by MSN, with the title "Trouble Making Rent? Lean on These 3 Government Resources for Assistance." Of course, this individual article, taken in context as a one-off piece, is just fine. It's just a writer, David Nadelle, giving people information on government assistance programs that might help them pay rent. In fact, that in itself is something that's very noble. Millions of people need help but do not know where to get it from. So, the fact that a media member is helping is a good thing. However, what makes this egregious overall is that MSN, as an outlet, has published dozens of articles decrying regular Americans as extremist conspiracy theorists for daring to question the state of America's economy. This outlet, along with many others, has been responsible for gaslighting millions of people and outright calling them liars for being poor, suffering, and fearing their future. So the fact that they're now changing their tune, just because the government is, illustrates a level of collusion that should not be legal, in the minds of most fair-minded people.

One area of note in this particular MSN article is that the author still blames all of America's economic problems on the COVID pandemic. Some of the problems in the country are undoubtedly the result of COVID, but those problems are mostly the fact that so many business owners lost their livelihood. The GDP was just fine. It's the inflation that has really hit America the hardest, and this inflation arose mainly as a result of the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars. In retrospect, the common line taken now with American economists is that the government should have just let businesses remain open. Things were booming in 2020 in terms of business and even incomes and employment. After the government shut down 80% of America's businesses, however, stimulus checks and grants were needed to keep people from starving and becoming homeless. This massive influx of money devalued the Dollar, and the rest is history.

Now, unfortunately, more Americans than at any other point in history need to sign up for government assistance just to meet their basic needs of survival. If the businesses were allowed to remain open, with just some extra safety precautions, none of this would be happening. So it's very disingenuous to just act like the pandemic problems were a natural disaster. The government intentionally shut down a majority of businesses.

Not All Government Assistance Programs Actually Offer Assistance

Some government assistance programs have been working very well since 2020, like the SNAP benefit. Others, however, aren't doing so great at all. One program the article mentions is ERAP, the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This government program has a reported $25 billion budget and is funded by the federal government while being administered by state governments. Have you ever heard of it? Very few have, and that's because this program isn't really helping a whole lot of people. According to some reports, it's a program that claims it's set up to help low-income people, but instead it's given to people based on factors like race and sex, and so millions of Americans aren't even being considered for the program.

Section 8 is another federal program that's failing now. It's one of the major programs set up to help Americans pay their rent and to live, but its parent agency, HUD, has had its funding cut in half by the Biden administration.

By all means, apply for help if you need it, but also understand that most government assistance programs are actually failing to assist Americans.

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