Government Programs Go Bust as Heating Costs Soar

If you were to look for government assistance programs, you would find hundreds of them. There are more Americans on welfare now than at any other point in the nation's history. There are tens of millions of people on food stamps, millions on Section 8, and also millions on utility assistance programs. The real issue here, according to a slate of news articles in the past few weeks, is that most of these programs are just about empty. The coffers are quickly drying up, and there is no more money to put into the programs. With early predictions suggesting that this winter is going to be very harsh and cold, that means there are millions of people who cannot afford to heat their homes yet will not be receiving any government assistance to help them pay their heating bills.

The news articles that have been released are a bit on the weird side to read. They say things like "Officials brace as winter temperatures arise." The reason this is weird is because government officials will be fine. None of them need assistance programs, as they constantly vote to give themselves pay raises specifically to combat inflation. It's their constituents in danger of literally freezing to death, but the number-one area of focus from the mainstream media seems to be how poorly this is going to reflect on the government. This can only mean one thing, unfortunately: There is no more money going into these utility assistance programs. If there were any plans to bolster the coffers, then that would have been the lead of the stories.

Home heating costs are expected to be 28% higher on average this year. Though, of course, that's on average. Some places may only be 10% higher, while some may be over 60% higher; and it's those places with the much higher rates where people are in danger of freezing.

Politicians are mainly busy blaming Russia's invasion of Ukraine. For some reason, western nations voluntarily opting out of Russian natural gas is Russia's fault, because Ukraine is a "democracy," or whatever they're saying about the fiasco this week. It is a fiasco, of course, and Putin is in no way the good guy here. However, American politicians have stood on the floor of Congress and have stated that they are 100% waging a proxy war against Russia and are choosing not to take Putin's natural gas because they want to hurt Putin. They end up hurting the American people, but for some reason war has always come first for America's politicians. They love waging it and spending on it, and they love telling people who've sacrificed their entire lives that they just need to sacrifice more.

What a difference it would make in Americans' lives if $120 billion was given to fund government assistance programs instead of funding a crypto website for Ukraine that just funneled money back to politicians. Maybe if Americans get angry enough, it will generate heat in their homes. At this point, that's a more likely outcome than the government doing anything to help.

Inflation: The Real Global Pandemic

Two years removed from the height of the COVID pandemic, the powers that be are now freely admitting that COVID-19 was more or less the flu, and that the vaccines were never meant to prevent transmission of the virus. In other words, all the people that were fired, fined and called crazy for saying these things are now being told that they were right all along. The real issue here is that governments all across the globe printed and spent an insane amount of money, and this has driven many of the world's economies into serious inflation. This is the real pandemic. In northwest Europe, for instance, the government is already preparing for more people to freeze to death than died of the virus two years previously. America isn't doing much better in this regard. There are millions of people who cannot afford to heat their homes, and it's going to be a cold and dangerous winter with prices higher than they've ever been.

The government doesn't have any ideas here to help protect people from soaring prices. Most of the government assistance programs designed to give people utility relief are going bust due to the fact that so many need to use them. The government knows that it was their reckless printing of money that caused all of these enormous price hikes, and so it's no secret that they're avoiding the printing of new money like the plague now.

Do what you can to heat your home this winter and don't waste time expecting the government to step in and do anything for Americans.

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