Government Assistance Websites Shutting Down on Huge Demand

Most of America is heading for a very harsh winter, and for the northern parts of the country, that winter is already here.

Unfortunately for millions of Americans, they will not be able to pay their heating bills.

Whether their homes use oil or electricity, both options now are incredibly expensive and the dollar isn't worth nearly what it was two years ago.

Inflation has wreaked havoc all across the nation, and the government continues to tell its citizens that things are either transitory or getting better.

The reality for millions of people is that things are not getting better, and the best option they have to survive the winter is to get on a government assistance program to help.

The issue here, however, is that government assistance websites are overburdened entirely and are dropping like flies all around the nation.

Madison County is the latest area with assistance issues, as the rental assistance website in Huntsville, Alabama just outright crashed.

Alabama's assistance site is just the latest in a long line of government sites to crash. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, New York, and other states have had their websites crash due to far too many people visiting to sign up for benefits.

In California, it has gone far beyond mere websites crashing; their entire welfare system is overburdened and is failing.

So as Joe Biden stands on a stage and mumbles out messages of healing and economic strength, the fact is that the government cannot even build an online program big enough to handle all the traffic from struggling Americans hoping to get some financial relief.

It certainly makes matters much worse that it's the holiday season, and the coldest season of the year.

The federal government is preparing for the worst, estimating that thousands of Americans will likely die this winter. In California alone, they're expecting to lose more than 5,000 homeless people, as there are over 20,000 that they cannot shelter at all.

With the rental assistance website going down in Madison County, this could lead to people actually becoming homeless. In states like Alabama and California, freezing to death outside isn't much of a concern.

However, the winter is still the worst season for illness, and people being outside and unable to shelter in place for safety are far more vulnerable to all manner of illnesses and viruses.

On a morale level, many Americans feel utterly hopeless and don't have any income arriving for the holiday season. They can't even pay their bills at all, and this could mean many losing their homes.

Their only hope is a moratorium on evictions, but it's highly unlikely that any governments in America will attempt to put those back in place after courts struck them down during COVID.

What really makes morale worse is that it's all over the news that the government is giving another round of huge spending to Ukraine in order to wage a proxy war against a nuclear superpower.

American politicians have stood on the floor of Congress since 2012 and have bragged about waging a proxy war where American soldiers won't die.

That's not even mentioning the FTX crypto scandal and the mountains of evidence to suggest that Congress was laundering money through Ukraine to fund their own political campaigns.

This is something that crosses the aisle too, with both parties apparently benefiting from the scandal. However, since this is America, the likelihood that any criminal charges will be filed is practically zero.

America's Focuses Are Not on America

The point here is that the American government's focus is not on American citizens.

During the midterm season, both parties made bold and brash promises that Americans would come first.

Dozens of politicians promised American citizens that they would receive financial relief during the winter holiday season.

Some politicians even promised another round of stimulus checks.

Though once the dust settled on the midterms and all the Congressional races were over, Congress immediately returned to doing what they do best: Ignoring Americans and sending obscene amounts of money to foreign nations.

What makes this all so tragic for Americans is that the government obviously has the money to take care of American citizens.

There is apparently a stockpile of hundreds of billions of dollars that could be sent to the poorest Americans to guarantee that they will have heat and food for the winter months.

However, none of America's politicians are even considering this. They can't even bring themselves to fix crashed assistance websites.

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