Obvious Lack of Domestic Aid in New Proposed Spending Bill

If you have seen the news at all in the past week, then you probably already know that America's Congress is trying to pass a 4,000-page omnibus spending bill to the tune of $1.7 trillion. Even with inflation out of control, and more hungry people in America than at any other point in its history, the bulk of Congress seems to think this is a good time to print even more money and spend more. It would be one thing if this money was going to Americans for a range of government assistance programs, but it seems to be the case that the average American who cannot afford to live isn't considered at all in this bill. There is not one single item to be found in this bill that supports poor Americans. Granted, no one has searched through all 4,000 pages yet; though for what is known about the bill, Americans aren't really considered at all.

Instead, the bill is another love letter to the world, offering hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries like Israel, Pakistan, and of course Ukraine. Whether or not you think it's a good thing to support these countries isn't really what's at issue here. Why isn't the Congress of the United States of America spending any money at all on new assistance programs to help the record number of impoverished and hungry people in their own nation? It really beggars all belief as to why the government refuses to even replenish programs that are already failing, much less refusing to create more when they're so desperately needed.

The Curse of America First

Donald Trump is without a doubt the single-most polarizing figure in American politics in history. It's not even close or up for debate. The country split almost entirely down the middle when Trump became President, and it's still polarized today, with people bickering daily on whether or not he should be in prison, deported, disallowed from politics, etc. It's so bad that hundreds of people in America have been insulted for merely wearing red hats. Not the "Make America Great Again" hats, but just red hats. A girl had chemicals thrown in her face in 2017 and went blind for wearing a red Bitcoin hat. That's how angry people are, whipped up into such a constant frenzy over Trump that they'll physically harm other people if they believe those people support Trump. So if anyone's even thought of being "America first," they become an instant pariah in America in the eyes of over 100 million people.

This is hypothesized to be the main reason that so many politicians are scared to pass spending bills to help Americans. According to a few think tanks and independent journalists, the real reason that so many Republicans in Congress side with Democrats in spending an endless fortune on Ukraine yet won't even fund an assistance program for Americans is that they don't want to be associated with Trump. The politician who stands up and says, "We need to fund Americans before we fund Ukraine" will undoubtedly be called an "America first MAGA supporter" by mainstream corporate media. It has happened before. A politician wants to help poor Americans, and says the country should fund its citizens before Ukraine, and they're dragged by the media as a Trump-supporting puppet of Putin. It actually cost a couple of politicians their elections because they were smeared as Trump supporters.

This is said to be the curse of "America first." Trump is so incredibly hated by half the entire nation that any politician even suggesting that American citizens should be put first are treated horribly and ridiculed. The irony, of course, is that those politicians are actually trying to help that half of the nation that turns around and offers nothing but scorn.

The sad fact of the matter is that in the $700 billion that's aimed at domestic spending, hardly none of that money is marked toward helping government assistance programs. Every single penny is slated for healthcare, environmental regulations, and education. Sure, HUD and the FDA will likely get the same sort of budget they had last year, but in terms of new spending for additional assistance programs, there's nothing new on the home front.

Something is going to have to give for Americans eventually. The country cannot survive this downward spiral it's in, where even the mere mention of helping Americans financially before foreign countries has one smeared as some sort of traitor.

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