Are You an Educator Looking for Grant Funding? Try These Ideas

The financial challenges brought about by the COVID-19 health crisis has made grant funding more important than ever. This need is even more apparent in the field of education. With many schools being forced to shut their doors to in-person learning, teachers and administrators are getting creative about finding ways to inspire and motivate their students. This is where extra grant funding can play a critical role.

Here are a few specific and general places to look for funding if you are an educator looking for ways to enhance the school experience this year.

Barnes & Noble Sponsorships and Charitable Donations Program

This program is available to teachers throughout the country, regardless of the geographical area. The focus on the grants is on students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Non-profit organizations that serve the arts and literacy initiatives are also encouraged to apply. These grant opportunities are set up and administered at the specific brick and mortar Barnes & Noble stores. Those educators looking to take advantage of this program should direct their questions and inquiries to the store manager.

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company continues to be a leader in grant funding. The Employees Community Fund (ECF) encourages employees to combine their tax-deductible donations to serve communities in need. There are a number of employee advisory boards that work to distribute the funding to various nonprofits and schools in the local communities. While the grants are not limited to educational purposes, a large proportion of the money goes to schools, making this a good choice for educators with a Boeing presence in their communities.

National Agriculture in the Classroom CHS Foundation Classroom Grant

This nationwide program funds a variety of programs for students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The goal of the funding is to incorporate agricultural concepts into the regular curriculum of math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. The funding is accessible for both public and private schools. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the projects are also inclusive of online learning.

Future of School Remote Learning Relief Fund

The Future of School organization is taking its four years of experience in awarding grants to provide relief specific to the ongoing health crisis. The Remote Learning Relief Fund is designed to provide immediate grant money for teachers to find the tools and programs that they need to effectively engage their students regardless of if the learning takes place within the four walls of a classroom or in an online format. The Future of School relies on public donations to fund its many programs nationwide.

Donors Choose Coronavirus Response: Keep Kids Learning

More than 9,000 teachers have already been the beneficiary of this comprehensive grant funding program. While anyone is eligible to apply for the money, the program is particularly dedicated to providing funding to the nation's highest-need school districts and communities. The innovative funding has a goal of helping teachers to pivot to the online space without having to sacrifice the quality of instruction that they provide their students.

Local School District Programs

You do not always have to look far to find grant funding. Your local school district is often one of the best resources when you are in need of additional financial backing. Many school districts have their own non-profit arm that is dedicated to delivering extra funds to worthy projects. Before you look at grants at the state or national level, be sure to check with your specific district to see what type of funding programs that they administer. Some districts will even help you to launch your own crowdfunding projects through their established fundraising platforms. You may be surprised when you learn about how much grant money is left unclaimed each year in your community.

With so many new funding opportunities available, you owe it to your students to take advantage of this grant money to enrich and enhance the classroom experience. Do not let these earmarked funds go to waste when you can use them to provide a better learning experience during this challenging time in the field of education.

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