Grants for Covid-19 Patients, Mortgage Assistance, and Community Needs

If you are going to lose your job in the 4th quarter of 2020 or you've been unemployed due to the pandemic and you fear you are going to lose your home, you should contact your local social services office immediately. Depending on their resources or how many people are waiting for service in their queue, they can help you pay your mortgage, renegotiate your mortgage, or help you find a higher paying job. Your social service office grants food stamps and minimal financial assistance for families suddenly below the poverty level due to the pandemic.

Ignatius DiNardo Family Foundation

When Dr. Ignatius DiNardo died suddenly in 2019, his family preserved his good work by creating a continuing endowment to pay for patient's medical care and medication. Dr. DiNardo is remembered as easing the financial burden of medical care for his patients. The DiNardo Family Foundation helps patients focus on medical care, health, and recovery rather than the rising costs of medical care. The foundation offers preventative care for vulnerable people in your community. You can find similar foundations where you live.

Health Well Foundation

The Health Well Foundation strives to ensure no patients do without critical medical care. The Health Well Foundation contributed $2 million to pay for Covid-19 patients' medical care. The Foundation helps pay for chemotherapy and dialysis and for the treatment of patients with Tourette's syndrome. You can find similar foundations in your area that are incorporated to help patients get and pay for the medical care they need.

DiaKonia: Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

Diakonia offers helps families in need of mortgage assistance, emergency housing, and emergency food. Diakonia offers case management, public assistance, and veteran's services. Diakonia has an emergency food pantry and its own thrift stores. Diakonia operates on United Way funds, federal, state, and local grants and community contributions. Diakonia helps recipients through local governments, churches, and civic groups.

State Department of Health and Human Services

State Departments of Health and Human Services offer general assistance to help pay for household products, fuel and utilities, housing, food, health care, dental services, and critically needed prescription drugs. Your State Department of Health and Human Services may temporarily pay your mortgage, rent, or offer you emergency housing. DHHS pays for burial costs when necessary. To be eligible you must lack the income and assets to provide for yourself and your family.

The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has $17.4 billion to help tenants with rent assistance, housing vouchers, public housing, and senior housing. Fannie Mae's website has a Disaster Response Network that includes a guide for tenants impacted by the coronavirus. HUD attempts to work with individuals and families to help them secure housing through budgeting and mentoring.

HUD Resource Center

Tenants in the United States know safe affordable housing was hard to find before the pandemic started. As a result of the COvid-19 pandemic, one quarter of all rental households can not pay their rent and less than one quarter of them are receiving federal assistance to pay their rent. Business closures, unemployment, and the uncertain future left families in rental housing severely distressed.

Rental Assistance Handbook

HUD published a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Handbook explains public housing, HUD and RAD programs, RAD transactions, funding options for conversion and compliance with the RAD program. At least 11 million units of public housing is available from the Department of Health and Human Services. Hud can help tenants negotiate with landlords. make partial payments, and one time stimulus packages to help tenants get back on their feet financially. Tenants will need financial support for years after the pandemic is over.

Bikers Without Borders

Bikers Without Borders Foundation is open to whatever the community needs. Bikers Without Borders contributes funds to isolated seniors, disabled veterans, police and firemen, and youth programs. They are a well-organized group who can manage fundraising campaigns, plan events, and administer the distribution of funds collected to recipients. They've fed and clothed homeless people, contributed to autism awareness, purchased equipment for first responders, and undertaken historic preservation projects.

Relief from woes created by the pandemic is available from federal, state, and local government agency and private foundation funds. Pharmaceutical companies may assist you if you need help paying for necessary medical care. Accept the help you can get and adapt to it to get your mortgage, rent, and utilities paid.


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