Struggling Financially Due to COVID-19? Try Looking Into These Grants

You are not alone if you are struggling financially as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As the world passes the one-year anniversary of when the virus first began sweeping through the city of Wuhan, China, the economic damage is more evident than ever before. According to a study done by researchers associated with NPR, at least half of the survey respondents in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston reported a job loss or reduction in income at the hands of the pandemic.

In addition, many states are beginning to lift moratoriums on evictions while also slashing unemployment benefits. This is creating additional economic hardship for the most vulnerable populations. The good news is that many philanthropic and community organizations are responding with additional grant funding to help people get through this crisis.

While some of these grants are vague in nature, there are also a variety of specific types of funding provided to niche segments of the population. This funding can be used to pay for rent or mortgage payments, to put food on the table, to pay for medical expenses, and more.

Here are a few of the top COVID-19-centric grants to give you a good idea about what may be out there for people in need.

Veterans Grants

Families of eligible military veterans may be awarded grant funding if they are experiencing financial hardship. The funding is generally designed to help families of the military who were hurt or killed while serving the country. However, there is also funding available to veterans who simply may be having a difficult time making ends meet as the crisis rages on.

Funding for Service Workers

There are also grants designed to target individuals who work in the service industry, a sector of the economy that has been deeply affected by the shutdowns. This includes restaurant workers, hair salon employees, and ride share or food delivery drivers. If you have experienced income loss as a result of the pandemic, being a part of this industry may qualify you for a number of special assistance grants. This funding comes from both the federal and state government and from private philanthropic organizations.

Specific Religious or Ethnic Groups

A variety of grants have been available to people in specific religious or ethnic groups. Your place of worship is a good place to start your search for this type of grant funding.

Funding for Medical Conditions

There is also specific grant funding available for individuals dealing with additional health issues on top of the COVID-19 crisis. The majority of this funding is designed to boost access to medical treatment by funding the cost of insurance for underinsured individuals that may be suffering with cancer or another type of chronic disease.

Immigrant Assistance

Not all domestic grants are limited to US citizens. Recognizing that many immigrants may be facing extreme financial hardships, there have been grants established to provide for the urgent needs of immigrants who may not qualify for government relief.

Scholarship Relief

The COVID-19 crisis threw the lives of college students into crisis, particularly those who were forced to move out of their campus housing. In order to assist with this crisis, a number of scholarship and grant programs have been established to help these students who may be in limbo until campus life returns to normal.

Funding for Healthcare Providers

There is no doubt that healthcare workers have been the heroes of this pandemic. While much of the world was able to shelter in place at home, these workers put their own health on the line to help to save the lives of others. Recognizing this sacrifice, many charitable organizations have stepped up to provide financial assistance to those workers who may be struggling during this time.

While it may be a bit cumbersome to sift through all of these grants to find the best fit for your needs, you will be glad that you made the effort if you are awarded funding. This is also a good way for you to help family and friends that may be in need during this unprecedented economic crisis.

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